EA have to identify this mechanism after that in the same way program it so that, that new method so as to these quit glitchers are using bidding no longer work!

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After that in that case, may I advise carefully going through this guide: Alas all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and bidding be penalized appropriately. If this is fixed we can then see the DNF ratio to mark the anger quit players from the rest after that reward the fair players by highlighting their sportsmanship. Sometimes, you just be beaten connection. A lot of people are reporting the same exact error all the rage the forums.

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Accomplish sure that it is also not your connection. Just to recap, at the same time as you mentioned that you get cheated in the game I have suggested you to please report this by your end and gave you applicable information above. If they moved arrange to another game, they would allay be visible, but just sitting around doing nothing in your game. I had a Lie and Go the other day that did both This is predominantly a PC issue. Yeah, I'll take my odds with Mythics, they are easier to get than old rares.

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This guy even had Red cards of 93 Sane, and the hole Gullit gang, just pethetic, that way I can get elite or top additionally. What troubleshooting have you done accordingly far? Now how the hell accomplish you know what the other chap got if it was random DC and if it wasn't random DC, how do you know that??? Categories Discussions Best Of In FIFA 18 the most annoying is the denial loss glitch. Aussie server user at this juncture having same problem, getting massive break spikes very couple of minutes after that many disconnects lost connection screen , hard to play the game along with all this happening, other games effective fine too.

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